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About Lydia

Lydia is a singer, songwriter, and director with a passion for creating beautiful music. Her journey in the music industry began at a young age, where she quickly gained recognition by winning several national vocal competitions. This early success propelled her to pursue her musical education at the prestigious Muson School of Music in Lagos, Nigeria.

As a songwriter, Lydia’s talent truly shines. Since 2010, she has been crafting captivating songs, with her first song “Oluwa mo de” marking the beginning of her musical career. Lydia’s unique approach to songwriting is characterized by her fluidity, dexterity, and a remarkable ability to infuse spontaneity and creativity into her compositions.

In 2019, Lydia took a significant step in her career by establishing her own non-profit production company, initially known as Lydore Afrikaan Kulture and now recognized as African Broadway. Based in New York, her company has successfully produced a series of musicals and musical concerts, captivating audiences with their exceptional quality and cultural richness.

Looking ahead, Lydia’s dreams are as ambitious as they are inspiring. She aspires to continue writing beautiful songs for herself while also collaborating with top artists across various genres. Her ultimate goal is to have her compositions featured in movies and musical theatre productions, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.


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